Waves and Mountains

  This blog has been silent for a while now. I couldn’t bear to write. The good things in my world have been living under the shadow of mountainous tragedy. I think I’m ready to let my heart bleed out and share my thoughts with those who listen. There is so much negativity in this […]

Old Toys

Oh, God, what have you done?! I don’t recognize any of this! You remind me of a child. I was an old toy that you forgot about for years. Now you’re suddenly interested. Now you play with nothing else. You dumped out the dollhouse in which we lived. I was broken in the fall. She […]

The Other Side of the Wall

It was the end of the longest day I’ve ever known.   We watched you leave your broken body behind… and we followed. Us and you, departing into separate darkness.  Bittersweet abandon.  My body holds the truth within every cell. It is riddled with grief and tangled in knots. My mind, on the other hand, […]

The Woodpecker

The woodpecker is said to be connected to the heartbeat of Mother Earth herself. Their black and white feathers symbolize seeing the issues and aspects of our lives clearly. Their red head feathers symbolize a new way of looking at things or new wisdom in general.  When you see these birds in nature, or they […]

My Universe

There was a point in my childhood when I realized that every single person resides within a universe that can only be seen through their eyes. Every feeling, every experience, every connection made is unique to the individual person. I would sit quietly and watch the souls around me navigate their world and think, ‘I […]

The Pendulum

The face of time is no longer recognizable as 3 hands and 12 numbers. It is no longer characterized by a predictable, linear path on a slightly inclined plane connecting your birth to your death. That would be too simple. God doesn’t give us our lives to live them free of adversity. These days, time […]

All the Fears

And in swept the thunderous clouds.  A storm, the likes of which we’d never seen before.  But we, the chasers of storms, glare back at the menacing eye. We will be quicker. We will be one step ahead. The storm may destroy many things, but it will not break our spirits. Time to fight all […]