I’ve Always Done Well On Tests

​Of all the doctors appointments I’ve had thus far, yesterday’s was my favorite. I went to the women’s center to see my surgeon for my post-op appointment. I went in on my own first so he could check my incisions. They are healing nicely. Then my family came in so the doctor could go over the test results from the surgery. 

I’ve always been good at tests. In school I managed to get good grades with minimal preparation, and so far I’ve been pretty good at cancer too. If I had a cancer report card it would tell you that I aced Genetic Mutations, Lymph Nodes, and Clean Margins. I just have one test left, the OncotypeDx. Like lymph nodes and genetics, there isn’t anything that can be done to influence the outcome. It’ll be what it’ll be and I’m hoping I do well on that one too so I can dodge the chemo bullet. 

After all the information was given and lots of questions were asked, the best bit of information came out. I am now cancer free. Those words were the antithesis of the nightmare that began on May 18th. I know that there are still things to be done to prevent this from coming back, but atleast that sneaky little intruder is out of my body and being sent away to a lab in California to be chopped up into little pieces and experimented into oblivion.

Good riddance.


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