The Waiting Game

I am fine. I am me without 1 tumor and 2 lymph nodes.

I am cancer free.

I am free… but that freedom is an illusion of sorts.

When I left the hospital that day I was too disoriented to notice the invisible box that was built around me.

I see it now. I see it like you can see a window that has been smudged by dust and dirt and touch.

Breathe in deep and release… fear, doubt, angst.

It floats up and away until it hits the walls of the invisible box. Smudged glass.

I am free, but I can see you there.

The sky is beautifully blue today, but inside or out, the windows remain smudged.

I am me again. I am moving and breathing and sweating it all away. But the high is short-lived because the invisible box remains where it is.

I suspect that there is a door inside of this box. 

I haven’t found it yet, but I would imagine that it will reveal itself when the time comes to fight.

The war isn’t over.

Who will I face when the battle resumes?


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