The Body

Dear Body,
For a while, I couldn’t help but look at you like a traitor. Like you had let me down in an unforgivable way. I couldn’t understand how after everything I’ve done for you, you could allow this to happen. 

I’m not angry anymore.

I now see that cancer was something beyond your control. The enemy can find ways to infiltrate even the most secure places. 

Body, you’ve proven yourself. You’ve shown me that you are clean and healthy and unbelievably strong. You’ve protected me from something that I was so afraid I couldn’t withstand; the dreaded chemo. 

I am alive and well. Very well.

Last night you took me salsa dancing and I laughed until my cheeks hurt.

This morning you took me for a 5k run in the rain and I felt pure endorphin filled joy. 

I realized then that we must take care of each other. If I take care of my body than my body will take care of me. 

I know you’re not perfect, in fact we both have our issues. But I see you now for the amazing gifts that you hold. I can’t wait to see what else you’re capable of.




2 thoughts on “The Body

  1. There is so much power in positive thinking and a “can do” attitude. I think you’ve got this!

    One of my favorite quotes is “you can’t change the direction of the wind though you can adjust your sails.” That is your control and you’ve got this!


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  2. Yesterday I was in the chemo lab all day with Pazit. The buzz around the office was about how good “the baby” is doing. I do believe that at this particular moment, you are the youngest getting treatment. I think everyone is getting s bit attached to you. I love it. I’m happy to see that you are living life and not just existing through this bump
    In the road. You are a rock star.

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