Being Bald

Before my head shaving party, I allowed myself a bit of time to mourn the impending loss of my hair. I cried a little. I stressed a little. I allowed the emotions to take a few moments of my time, acknowledged them, then sent them on their way. 

I can honestly say that I’m not horribly upset about being bald. When I’m at home I sit around and pretend I’m an international fashion model or Natalie Portman.

When I go out, I always have the security of my wig. I look so much like my normal self that I don’t get a second look from people. My first outing reminded me of The Walking Dead, particularly the scene from season 1 where Glenn and Rick cover themselves in zombie guts and are able to walk through a heard of zombies as if they are invisible. Never in my life have I been so relieved to feel invisible.

Today was my first day of work sporting my new do. I was a little nervous about people recognizing that I was wearing a wig, but it never happened!

Since I never wear my hair down, especially not to work, that got the most attention. Many of my students exclaimed, “You look so beautiful!” Some of the teachers looked at me with curiosity, since everyone knows what’s going on. Some totally forgot and told me how pretty my hair looked. I thanked them then whispered back, “It’s a wig!” 

Nothing beats shock and awe. Nothing.


4 thoughts on “Being Bald

  1. If I didn’t know any better I would think the “wig” is your actual hair. The world will never know, if you do not want them to know. No matter, just as beautiful as ever. Hair or no hair. I think you definitely could give Natalie Portman a run for her money! Love you! XOXOXO

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