Chemo #2

Memorial Day weekend was filled with head shaving, relaxing, and then coming down with a miserable cold. It’s unbelievable to me that despite the constant disinfecting of hands (mine and all the kids) that I still managed to get sick. I was put on a Z-pack, even though it most likely didn’t help anything, and told to use a neti pot 3x per day. 

I was in a race against my next round of chemo. I had to get better before my immune system couldn’t fight it anymore. Luckily, it was the quickest cold I’ve ever had. 

While the cold was on it’s way out, a new side effect decided to make its debut. Hot flashes. They wake me up in the night. They incinerate me while I’m minding my own business. Ok, they aren’t really that bad, but definitely something to get used to.

Another interesting side effect to monitor is the loss (and gain) of hair. I anxiously await the day when I will finally get a break from shaving my legs, but the hair continues to grow and grow. Along with the growth of leg hair continues the growth of head hair! How much hair will I ultimately lose? How long until the hair stops growing?

Notice the fine layer of stubble! 

Then came Wednesday night. I packed a bag to entertain myself during the long afternoon ahead. I must note that I have wonderful friends who have showered me with all sorts of gifts lately… birthday gifts, engagement gifts, “you’re a bad ass” gifts. Here are a few of the gifts that I packed for chemo:

Thanks, Alex!
Effie kept me nice and warm!

Thursday went down without a hiccup. My blood levels were good enough to receive my treatment. I got cozy in my chair and had a nice picnic lunch. They were able to drip the medications a little faster than before, so we got out with time to spare.

Then came the weekend. Last time, I had a horrible time with abdominal cramping. When you experience pain that strongly, it becomes your personal goal to make sure that you never feel that way again. You better believe that I stayed on top of my medications. All I felt this weekend was tired, so I took some extra naps.

I survived round 2!

2 down. 4 to go.


5 thoughts on “Chemo #2

  1. Maybe you will never lose your leg hair. No… That’s impossible… But your head hair growing back…. Hmmm, was that really chemo? But I watched it drip in to you. You are such a trooper. Love your attitude, love your blog, love you.


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