I believe I was a freshman in high school when my U.S. History teacher gave the class a quiz to help us determine which political party  we might belong to. My 15 year old beliefs on religion, abortion, war, gun control, education, and immigration siphoned me into the category of “democrat”. 

I was 18 years old just in time to vote in the Kerry vs. Bush election. From that very first election, my beliefs always aligned (mostly) with the democratic candidate and I voted accordingly. Those elections were easy. One crooked politician versus the other. One democrat and one republican. Different shells of the same thing, rotated out every 4 or 8 years. 

I didn’t know it then, but I lived my life in a bubble and saw the world through rose colored glasses. I voted for a world without war and guns, where we helped the less fortunate with our tax dollars no matter what,  where we shared our country with anyone and everyone. I now know that these ideals cannot exist.

It took several years and some growing up for me to switch from rose colored glasses to corrective lenses. I see the world as it is and it scares and disappoints me. Mental illness runs rampant among civilians and terrorists who buy, steal, and build weapons. War is not as avoidable as I (or any of us) would prefer it to be. While some people honestly benefit from welfare, others exploit the system. And I’ve seen first hand how undocumented immigrants can take jobs away from hard working Americans. 

There is no easy fix for any of these things.

With that said, I realize that I don’t fit neatly into a “democrat” or “republican” box. I find myself needing a little from both sides. 

This election was an abhorrent, disappointing mess. In the beginning, I thought that Donald Trump’s presence was a publicity stunt… an extracurricular activity for a bored little boy who has everything. Like everyone, I was shocked when he made it out of the primary. 

I wasn’t thrilled with Hillary Clinton either. The presidency is a position that should be held by someone that I can admire and respect, not someone under FBI investigation. I would love to see a woman be president, but not her. 

I wish the American people could vote for a redo. 

Even though I knew he didn’t stand a chance, I voted for a third party candidate. I wanted it to be recorded that I rejected Trump and Clinton. I didn’t want to just pick the “lesser of two evils”.

I’m not a fan of Trump, but for my own sanity, I am giving him a chance and hoping he doesn’t disappoint. There is plenty of time to complain later… though many of my Facebook friends don’t seem to see it that way. My Facebook feed is plastered with words of anger and hatred. It’s filled with articles and information identifying which demographic is to blame. Division is not what this country needs. I didn’t think it was possible to be more disgusted than I was by this election.

I’d rather have chemo than listen to the whining… but that’s a post for another day.


One thought on “Politics

  1. I think we should vote for President like we vote for America’s favorite dancer or American idol. I don’t get it why Hillary got the popular vote but didn’t win… Not that I think she is the best person for the job anyway. The whole experience is nauseating.


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