Finish Line

I have completed one half marathon, one 10 miler, two 10K runs, three 5K runs, and three mud runs. I have accumulated quite the collection of race bibs and medals, but today I received a medal that truly surpasses the rest. A medal that represents a different kind of stamina and resilience.  It reminds me of how strong I truly am. 

“Deep in their roots- all flowers keep their light.” “We finish together.”

I am finished with chemo. 

I think I should say that again… I’m finished with chemo!

What I’d like to say in this post is how grateful I am for my people. The love, support, cards, hugs, words of encouragement, and prayers were invaluable during this challenge. You all got me through this and the only way to truly make you understand how much I appreciate you would be if I were capable of magic or miracles. You have gotten me through this and you deserve a medal as much as I do.

Thank you

Toward the end of December I will begin radiation, which will last for 6 weeks. We’re almost done. I’m close to reclaiming my body from the world of cancer. I. can’t. wait.

6 down. ZERO TO GO!


6 thoughts on “Finish Line

  1. Just look at you….. beautiful heart and soul. You look awesome in this picture. I am proud to have been with you on this journey. We have a lot of celebrating to do and WE WILL!
    Get ready radiologists, for the toughest girl you will ever know.
    I love you Sarah!


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