The Beginning of the End

Today I went and had a consultation with my radiation oncologist. The appointment went just as I expected it would. They updated my file to include chemo and then jumped right into what’s to come…

Next Friday I will have a CAT scan for treatment purposes. They use the imaging to determine how much space there is between my breast tissue and heart. Most likely, they will radiate as I hold a big breath to keep my heart protected. 

I was told to start moisturizing my skin now to help keep it from burning. I was concerned that having fair skin would make me more susceptible to getting burnt, but that’s not the case. Due to the fact that we’re not radiating a mastectomy site and I have actual healthy tissue beneath my skin, it should hold up better. Dr. B recommended using aloe fresh off the plant to soothe and moisturize the skin throughout treatment, so it looks like I’ll be purchasing an aloe plant in the near future. 

Many people have warned me that radiation makes you tired. Dr. B said that since I did so “remarkably well” with chemo, she doubts that I’ll get tired from radiation. Let’s do this!

I will most likely get started the week after Christmas. I will have 30 treatments, 5 days a week. I feel pretty at ease about this, which is a nice contrast to the terror I felt prior to starting chemo. I understand that how these things go is very much determined by my attitude. My attitude about this is that I get to go to a powerful sun spa 5 days a week and get a really tan boob… that is absolutely free of any pesky cancer cells. Those suckers are gonna fry!


3 thoughts on “The Beginning of the End

  1. I think you should be a guest speaker for newly diagnosed patients. I love your spirit, love your attitude and I love you! Can’t wait to see you do radiation in “Sarah style!”
    You’ve got this!


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