The face of time is no longer recognizable as 3 hands and 12 numbers. It is no longer characterized by a predictable, linear path on a slightly inclined plane connecting your birth to your death. That would be too simple. God doesn’t give us our lives to live them free of adversity.

These days, time is no longer predictable. It is no longer just in the background, reminding me of it’s presence with the soft ticking of the second hand. Time has a swinging pendulum, to which I cling with both hands. 

Up and up we swing, moving further and further from stable ground. We hang freely, hands slipping, waiting to swing back to a place of safety. I believe that my pendulum is still on the upswing. 

How much more of this can one person take?

I’m doing my best to stay in the light. I am trying to remain positive and calm. I have faith in the plan. God gives us adversity to teach us the lessons that will refine and strengthen our souls.  

I am holding on tight, waiting to swing back and set my feet on solid ground… even if only for a few moments in time.


4 thoughts on “The Pendulum

  1. Make time for meditation. Make time for some fun and relaxation. Breathe and stretch. Listen to music. Take a bubble bath with candles. Get a massage. All these things will stop the pendulum for a little while long enough to recharge. Don’t be so hard on yourself! Hugs


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